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No one understands the value of your property like we do.

Whitetail Properties is different because, in many cases, our Land Specialists are landowners themselves. The rural life is their life. We recognize the subtleties unique to each piece of land, because we're out there living it every day. Our clients appreciate that common bond with us. They take comfort in the fact that, as we guide them through the transaction process, we are doing so from both professional and personal experience.

Sell With Us

    We average 14 properties sold every day company wide. Why? Because we're committed to land. No one knows this market better than us.

  • 41 States U.S. STATES

    Covering 41 states, our team is represented by the finest land experts and market analysts in the rural land business.


    The focus of our highly-trained, knowledgable Land Specialists across the country is to provide the ultimate land experience. Uniting buyers, sellers and land is the sole purpose our company was founded.

  • 21,100+ NUMBER OF TRANSACTIONS (In the last 5 yrs)

    Our incredible transaction rate is a byproduct of our national network, paired with the expertise of our Land Specialists.

  • 2.6M ACRES SOLD (In the last 5 yrs)

    Landowners who list with us access a nationwide network of qualified land buyers looking for properties just like yours.

  • $12.3B+ OVER 12.3 BILLION IN SALES (In the last 5 yrs)

    Whitetail Properties Real Estate averages over 14 properties sold every day company-wide.



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